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SWFL’s Trusted Vendor List

Feature your business on SWFL’s Trusted Vendor List, targeting some of the best communities in our area.

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Greg Wiemerslage

“5 ***** rating is not high enough. Kevin has been fantastic to work with. He is energetic, professional, and knowledgeable. Since I started working with Kevin at Yeager Marketing, his efforts drives me business on a daily basis. If you are looking to grow your business Yeager Marketing is how you do it.”

Chris D

First of all…. anyone who has dealt with customer acquisition or marketing will attest: there is a HUGE difference between receiving warm leads versus cold leads when you are considering the value of a prospective client…

…Well, the leads we’ve received from Yeager Marketing have been so hot, we’d better be wearing gloves!

It’s not only the quality of leads that has us impressed, it’s also the VOLUME of qualified leads we’ve receive that has us dumbfounded! We’ve had such an explosion of business over the last year and a half, we find ourselves hiring constantly to cover all the new work.

Yeager Marketing has been instrumental in our success. If you are on the fence about if marketing would be beneficial to your business, just look at the results – that is proof alone!

Kevin Yeager has driven us MORE THAN DOUBLE the revenue of any other marketing source for the past 2 years and we will continue using him as long as he is in business.

I urge anyone to sit down with him to discuss what he may be able to do for your business… And if social proof is what you need, then ask him for our contact to and we’ll show you REAL revenue.


Walter Salazar

“Kevin is amazing! Attention to detail, always looking out for everyone else before himself, true hero!! He has helped take us to the next level”


Homeowner Guide 2024

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Homeowner Magazine 2024

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What is the “SWFL Trusted Local Vendor List”?

  • Each community above receives their own neighborhood specific newspaper once a month.   This is a great method to advertise because homeowners actually read this newspaper, because it talks specifically about the Real Estate, Crime, and Community Events / Social Activities that impact their neighborhood.   I’ve lived in Whiskey Creek for over 20 years and I read my WC News every month.
  • It is a double-sided 11 x 17 sheet that is inserted inside the community newspaper of each neighborhood.
  • The Trusted Vendor Sheet is inserted in the fold of the newspaper, so it comes out when they open the paper.
  • Homeowners use them; but are also keeping them for future use which is our goal!
  • There are around 30 different vendors, and each vendor has their own specific category, so you will not be directly competing against similar businesses.
  • There are four sides and each side has their own theme: – 1) Common Trades; 2) Interior Services; 3) Exterior Services; 4) Professional Services.
  • Each business is local, licensed, and insured.
  • Once you get one job in a community, you tend to get several more; it’s a great way to reach your target market.
  • We’ve been doing them for almost 3 years and they have been doing great… see the references below.

Referral Partners

I am partnering with local businesses to provide quality leads and referrals.  I only partner with one business per category.

Appliance Repair
Carpet, Tile, Grout
Computer Repair
Damage Restoration
Estate Planning
Financial Advisor
Garage Doors
General Contractor
Home Health Care
Home Theater

Home Watch
Outdoor Kitchen/Grills
Pest Control
Pool Cleaning
Pool Contractor
Pressure Washer
Real Estate Agent
Slider Repair
Tree Service
Window Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Window Tinting

Restaurant Advertising

Advertise your business in popular restaurants in SWFL, where your ad will be seen EVERYDAY, in a relaxed environment.


Advertise in popular restaurants in SWFL on paper placemats, featuring local businesses in the community. You get to advertise to customers in a relaxed environment, if you’ve ever been to a restaurant with placemat advertising, you know it’s impossible not to look at the ads while you wait for your food and drink.

  • Your business will advertise EVERYDAY for between 2-4 months, depending on the time of the year.
  • Each business will have their own specific category, so there will not be any competing businesses.
  • It’s very effective advertising.
  • Ads start as low as $299.

Pint Glasses

Would you be interested in marketing your business on Pint Glasses?   Your business advertisement would go on all the pint glasses for any one of the following restaurants:

1) Cape Coral – Tiki Hut Bar and Grill at Dolphin Key (2 spots available)

2) Fort Myers Beach –  Nervous Nellies (1 spot available)

3) Fort Myers – Stillwater Grille (2 spots available)

It’s a great way to promote your business in a relaxed environment.  Your business will be advertised daily with every pint glass poured.   Let me know if you would be interested.



One Square per restaurant – $499

One Square in two restaurants – $899 (Save $99)

One Square in all three restaurants – $1299 (Save $198)

If you want to see a sample of the glass, let me know.  You can view a sample of a pint glass on my website at and click on Restaurant Ads.   These are premium, restaurant grade pint glasses.

There are a few unique benefits of advertising on Pint Glasses:

1) You’ll be advertising to customers near your business. (Everyone loves to support local businesses near their home.)

2) Your business will be seen – it’s impossible not to see the ads on the glass… at the very least, it’s a good method to let customers know about your business.

3) Your business will advertise EVERYDAY for around 6 months, unlike other advertising which is normally one-and-done.

4) Your ad will not compete with similar businesses – each advertisers receives product/service exclusivity.

5) Only three ads per glass

5) Check out my Facebook Page at Yeager Marketing for other advertising opportunities!

Coffee Mugs

Advertise your business with every coffee cup poured in popular breakfast spots in SWFL.  Most places pour 300+ cups of coffee per day, so you’d be getting over 100,000 views per month.
  • Advertise for 12 consecutive months on all the coffee mugs in the restaurant.
  • Premium, restaurant quality coffee mugs
  • Up to 10 ads per coffee mug; but most coffee mugs have around 6.
  • Each business will have their own specific category, so there will not be any competing businesses.
  • Ads start as low as $399.


My name is Kevin Yeager; and I am determined to provide you with a positive ROI on your advertising.

I was born and raised in rural Iowa, and graduated from the University of Iowa, with a BBA in Finance.   I started out in banking and quickly knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur.  I spent over a decade running my own successful golf business, and decided to get away from traveling and spend more time raising my family.

Over the past 5 years I have spent my time in the advertising business.  I realized there was a major disconnect between the company supplying the advertising, and the person paying for the advertising.  I wanted to cultivate and nurture that relationship, and make it more personable and profitable.   That’s why I developed Yeager Marketing, which combines effective advertising, along with quality referrals.  Why can’t the company that supplies you with advertising, also provide your business with referrals as well?   There should be a symbiotic PARTNERSHIP between both companies.

I am looking for businesses that would like to partner with me in their marketing efforts. I am looking for businesses that take their business seriously by being professional, good with communication, honest, reliable, and accountable.

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